My son’s Partial syndactyly surgery

I always used to think on why people cry over having the baby and will go on any extent to have one.
However, the day I had my kid, all my doubts were gone, as it was the happiest feeling I have had in my life. My kid is my life and I enjoy spending time with him, talking to him about his school activities and watch him smile. He is very outspoken, happy go lucky natured, jolly, and confident kid for his age.

My kid was born with partial webbed fingers (partial syndactyly). We consulted few doctors at the time of his birth and they informed us that it will not affect his growth and in case I want to go for the surgery, it will be a cosmetic surgery. Being an average Joe Indian, I thought that since it is just a cosmetic surgery, it is not required. Soon I was forced to reconsider this thought.

One day my kid came back from school and was sad and silent. I thought maybe he was tired or maybe someone refused to play with him in school and that’s why he is sad. After that day, I saw a change in my kid in terms of his smile and confidence. This made me a bit uncomfortable and I decided to act on it. Next day, I met his school teachers and came to know that one day he and his friend was sitting and somehow they started comparing hands. Due to this, my kid got self-conscious.

Syndactyly surgery
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Next week on recommendation of one friend, I met one Dr. Amitabh Singh, cosmetic surgeon, in Fortis Gurgaon. He explained us the complete process on how it will be done. He informed us that kids adapt to changes very fast and it is easier to do this kind of surgery in young ages. We decided for the surgery and fixed the date for the same. Our doctor (Dr. Amitabh) was kind enough to schedule us for the very first surgery of the day so that we do not have to spend the night prior in the hospital. The surgery went for almost 4 hours and when my kid came out, he was in visible pain with cast on both of his hands and bandage on the leg (skin grafting was done). Our kid was released from hospital on the same evening. First one week was bit of a trouble for the kid to adjust to the situation (his both hands were in cast) but after that, my kid was used to it and found ways around it to do whatever he wanted to. Cast came off in one month and bandages in another 15 days. We went to see the doctor for the check-up and he marked the surgery as successful.

It has been almost one year now since we had the surgery. Though we visit our doctor once a month for the regular check-up but apart from that there is absolutely no problems. All my kid has to do is some exercises of the hand everyday which he is very happy to do.

His confidence and smile is back. He is the same old boy with jolly, happy go lucky nature. I am very happy that I took the decision for the surgery.

I would like to convey my sincerest gratitude towards the doctor for his support and for making the whole process fun for my kid.

About the author- Mr. Gupta is a young computer engineer, living in Gurugram, India. He is an avid traveller and an art collector.

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