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About Us

At Medikreview, we help you know your doctor, hospital, or healthcare professional better.

Medikreview is an endeavour to establish an open platform to review services of healthcare establishments and professionals. Patients are increasingly using reviews to choose their doctor and hospital for advice. It is always good to know about your doctor or hospital, before you decide to put your life or your loved one’s under their care. More the number of reviews more is the information available on account of individual experiences.

Have you been mesmerised by the kindness, professionalism, and expertise of a healthcare provider? Share your experiences with others. This may be the best 'Thank You' gesture to your doctor. It can mean more than his fees, and encourage him to do more good work.  There is no other noble profession where people work hard to win hearts rather than make just money. and their efforts should definitely be recognised.  Sharing your story means a lot, and a few minutes of your time can help someone make better informed decisions.

With the plethora of online directories of doctors and hospitals available, patients are left to imagine a lot. Sponsored contents cannot be trusted.  Consulting  someone highly recommended in times of need can put you at ease and decrease your suffering. We do not encourage paid reviews, and we do not promote in-hospital reviews. Reviews on this website are not influenced in any manner.

We promise to keep our reviews fair to all, and encourage participation from all as we all want one thing, that is GOOD HEALTH.

Come, let’s share our healthcare experience.