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Dr. Bindu Garg

Infertility & IVF,Obstetrics



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Neelkanth Hospital

Mehrauli Gurgaon Road, Near D.L.F. Corporate Park, Phase-III Gurgaon, HARYANA 122022

Dr. Bindu Garg is a leading IVF and Gynaecology expert working in Neelkanth Hospital, Gurgaon. She is credited with the birth of the first "Test Tube Baby" in Gurugram in 2004. Over time she has established herself as one of the most prominent faces of Mother and child care in Delhi NCR.

Dr.Bindu Garg (IVF & Infertility Specialist) MD, DGO, FICMCH Post Graduate in Reproductive Medicine (Monash University, Australia). She is a member of European society of Human Reproduction & NARCHI, Fellow Indian College of Maternal & Child Health.

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Neelkanth Hospital

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Dr. Bindu Garg
Infertility & IVF,Obstetrics
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We took ivf treatment from neelkanth under Dr Bindu Garg. The doctor is just inclined in making money. They like to hide facts from the patients, and are incapable of giving your the required treatment. 1) They do not monitor the scans properly. The doctors kept on telling us that they will be able to get 12-15 eggs, but were able to get only 6. Clear lapse in scan diagnosis. 2) Doctor told that they need atleast 4 eggs to create one blasto egg. On 3rd day after eggs extraction, she told us that growth is not good. But to our surprise, on day 5 she told us that they were able to create 3 blastos. Clear lie. 3) They have good number of female doctors, yet they have only gents (apart from Dr. Bindu Garg) doing the operatives. They never reveal this earlier, and it becomes uncomfortable for the lady undergoing treatment.

Submitted Feb 16, 2017

Nishant Kumar Gupta

10 Professionalism
10 Friendliness
10 Knowledge
8 Punctuality
10 Caring/Kind
10 Patience/Listening
8 Ease of Contact
10 Responsiveness

 9.6/10 Would like to recommend him to my relatives and friends!

She is one of the best doctor I have came across for delivering the babies. When we were expecting our first child, we went to 2 doctors before consulting Dr. Bindu. All the doctors were too busy in making money (ordering un-wanted tests) and were not patient is listening to the problems and were not giving enough time to explain. But when I visited Dr. Bindu for first time, I waited to meet her for 2 hours (even after the appointment), I was frustrated, but the moment I met her, I was very impressed by their her knowledge, her way to listen to us and explain us the things. Infact she cancelled all the tests that previous doctor asked us to do. She was very caring for my wife (infact rather than calling her for visit, doctor used to talk to my wife on phone). When the delivery time came, we were insisting on operation but Dr. Bindu was adamant for natural delivery. She is very passionate, caring, honest, nice person (not at all after money) and I will definitely recommend her to everyone.

Submitted Sep 13, 2015

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