ACL repair to running half marathon- My story

Good health is our biggest asset. I did not realise is till i started missing my outdoor life. A lingering knee injury , which i had acquired 7 years back while playing one of my favourite sport, was always bothering me. I could not play football with my kid, go for hiking or even light jogging. My knee would have this abnormal twisting and giving ‘away sensation’ suddenly in the middle of any activity. I kept on going for almost seven long years, carrying an Anterior cruciate ligament injury. As i know now that this ligament is very crucial to maintain the functional integrity of the knee joint and to prevent abnormal movement of one bone over another.

I had gone into a shell. Although i was missing my outdoor activities, i wasn’t doing anything to make it right. Perhaps i would have continue to do so. Till one day, after one such abnormal ‘giving away’ sensation, my knee got ‘locked‘. It seems funny that a knee can get locked, but yes it happened. I could not straighten my knee joint completely. I had no pain, but could not walk because my knee was fixed in bent position. Thats when i knew i had to go to a doctor.

My MRI showed a bucket handle tear from a meniscus in my knee. The meniscus normally acts like a cushion for the bones. The torn meniscus had got stuck and was preventing my knee from getting straight. The doctor told me that the repeated injury to meniscus from the Anterior cruciate ligament tear had caused this. I had a surgery where the torn meniscus was removed arthroscopically and the ligament was reconstructed using the fibres from the hamstring muscle tendon by Dr. R. C. Arya.

Torn meniscus
My torn meniscus

I started gradually walking with the help of two crutches. The pain was not much and i required analgesics only for the initial few days. Two crutches became one, and two weeks after the surgery i was walking without any support but i had a limp. I was doing a lot of physiotherapy to get the complete range of motion back and to build strength in my thigh muscles.  Even though i was improving, still my muscles on side of surgery was so weak that i could feel the softness in them as compared to my healthy side. I kept on exercising my muscles. Even after six months after the surgery, i could feel some nagging discomfort in the joint and i could not run which made me feel a little disheartened.

Things started looking up, perhaps nine months after the surgery, when the i started running again. It started with short one to two kilometer runs but my knee started feeling better. I started gaining confidence in the strength of my knee and i hope to finish my first half marathon soon. Gradually i started doing all the great things i missed over the years. Looking back, i think it was a great experience and i learnt that i could have opted for the surgery earlier. it would have prevented further damage to my knee and would have made my seven years more enjoyable. I have not seen my doctor for the last 2 months, but i would like to convey my sincerest gratitude towards him for his support.

About the author- Mr. Singh is a young businessman, living in Gurugram, India. He is a sports enthusiast and loves playing football with his three year old son.

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